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falconry experience

bird migration

Bird migration from North America to Florida is a fascinating phenomenon that involves a diverse array of avian species. This natural spectacle is driven by various factors such as seasonal changes, food availability, and breeding instincts. We will explore the intricacies of bird migration, focusing on the journey of these winged creatures as they travel from the northern regions of North America to the sunny destination of Florida.The migration of birds is a remarkable feat that showcases the adaptability and resilience of these animals. Many bird species embark on long journeys covering thousands of miles, and North America serves as both the starting point and a critical stopover for many of these migratory birds. One of the primary reasons birds migrate south is to escape harsh winter conditions that make it difficult to find food. Florida, with its milder climate, becomes an attractive destination for these birds seeking refuge from the cold. The intricate interplay of environmental cues, hormonal changes, and innate instincts drives these birds to embark on incredible journeys spanning thousands of miles. Florida, with its diverse ecosystems, serves as a vital destination for these migratory birds, offering a refuge from harsh winter conditions and providing essential resources for their survival. This article will explore how bird migration from December to March can negatively impact buildings and commercial activities.

misuse of avitrol

Avian toxicants can be very harmful if administered incorrectly and can also affect non-target bird species.

Recently in Florida, a Broward County Pest Control employee took a bird control job in attempt to control boat-tailed grackles in the area. Since this species is protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, techniques such as the use of toxicants are strictly prohibited. This employee will now be facing charges under this Act for the administration of Avitrol. Although Avitrol is legal to use for pest bird control, there are very strict guidelines, target species, and rules for administration. Unfortunately in this case, dozens of protected boat-tailed grackles were killed. In this article we will discuss the use of Avitrol as well as alternative bird control solutions offered by Hawkeye.

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